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Just Laundry Solution (JLS) is designed and built specifically for the laundry and dry cleaning industry. It complements your hard work by helping your business be more profitable.

Improves Turnaround

Helps you speed up performance of your business

Super User-friendly

Easy for you and your staff to use

Access Anywhere

Keep tabs on your business from anywhere, anytime

Extremely Inexpensive

Affordable to meet the need of maximum businesses

our Features

Best-in-class features

In a technologically modern market of laundry and dry cleaning, it is important for your business to be updated. Just Laundry Solution is the technology that your business needs. Its intuitive design allows your staff to easily take your customers from drop-off to bill in no time.

JLS not only supports, but also helps optimise all of the functions of your laundry and dry cleaning operation so that it can run at peak efficiency.

  • Manage customer information
  • Keep customers updated through SMS/email
  • Tracking of garments from processing till delivery
  • Efficient payment management
  • Simple dashboard to do the analytics of your business
  • Ability to use the QR code to speed up the process management (acceptance and delivery)

our Solutions

Single store to multi store, we have a solution for all!

Enhance customer experience with automate billing and garment tagging and stay ahead of the competition with Just Laundry Solution.

Monitor your store from anywhere

Manage cashflow seamlessly

Acquire and retain more customers

No garment loss – End-to-end order & garment tracking

Accelerate your business with home pickup and delivery

Be the leader by staying ahead of the game

More stores = more stress and responsibility. Don’t worry! JLS can help you manage multiple stores at the same time. With this one-stop solution, you can manage your multi-store laundry & dry cleaning business with utmost ease.

Manage multiple stores with a few clicks

Increase revenue with speedy deliveries

Seamless flow of garments between stores

Impress customers with exemplary efficiency

Gain edge over existing competition

Skyrocket your laundry & dry cleaning business!

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